Yoga & nature with Eddie Stern

Yoga & nature with Eddie Stern

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The Saparella Reserve is one of those unique places on earth which, once reached, shape the perception of happiness and leave an unforgettable memory…

Here, you will be connected to nature at every moment: all your senses will resume their innate function to pass on forgotten sensations, from sunrise where we will indulge in the most beautiful of all Yoga practices, to sunset where we will retire to our tents installed under the trees.

Your body and your mind will be inhabited by a feeling of well-being, calm, relaxation and the happiness of finding back yourself …

Here, on this island, our aphorism: « Yoga is a journey which destination becomes the journey » takes on its full meaning.

This stay will be available in : From 02 to 08 october 2022


Eddie Stern, is a world renowned Ashtanga Yoga teacher, founder of the Ashtanga Yoga School in New York and of the New York Temple dedicated to Ganesh, on Broome Street.
As Co-editor of the philosophical journal entitled “Namarupa, Categories of Indian Thought” he is also one of the creators of the anti-violence programme called “Urban Yogis”.

Eddie Stern learned Yoga under the guidance of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, from 1991 to 2009, and is still today a student of R. Sharath Jois, from Mysore, India.

Eddie has been travelling all over the world for many years to pass on his knowledge and vision of Yoga practice during dedicated workshops.

For the first time, he will be teaching in Corsica, during our special Autumn long stays.

We shared with him the idea that we would take all the time necessary for you to immerse yourself in his teaching universe, and to meet this man and extraordinary personality.

Between an authentic practice of Yoga, well-being and the discovery of Corsica – for us, the most beautiful of all the islands in the world – you will live a particularly enriching sensory and human experience.

During the week you will spend with him, you will practice Yoga based on different approaches through various forms: asanas, pranayama, Yoga therapy, kriyas, philosophy, conferences, and songs… to live an unforgettable encounter.

This retreat is aimed at beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Our purpose is to offer you a unique experience marked by excellence and simplicity: a journey where body and mind are one.

We have chosen the Saparella Reserve, one of the most extraordinary places on earth, for this fusion between Corsica and Yoga .

There, you will experience the practice of Yoga in a breath-taking paradise setting.

Total escape, full awakening of the senses and awe are guaranteed.

Welcome to our world.

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Your program

1. Agenda

19:00  Meeting the group. Presentation of the course by the Lemon & Love Yoga Team. Questionnaire update.

20:00  Dinner

Early rising: Hot drinks, fresh flavoured drinks, dried fruits

7:30 - 9:30 Every other day : guided Yoga practice or Mysore, traditional Ashtanga form as it has been practiced since its origin in Mysore, Southern India.

9:45 Breakfast

11:00 - 12:30 Readings

13:00 - 15:00 Lunch and rest

16:30 - 19:00 Thematic workshops* led by Eddie Stern
(Yoga and science, Yoga-sutra, history, songs, philosophy, film screenings, lectures on the history of Yoga)

NB: Please see the workshop details* below, in the 2nd part of this programme.

20:00 Dinner

21:30 - 22:30 Thematic evening around herbal teas and infusions
(observing the sky with a telescope, singing, readings, philosophy, history,
a conference on the history, culture and heritage of Corsica)
NB: The detailed programme for these theme evenings will be handed to you when you arrive, on the first day of your course.

Corsican evening: Projection of the most beautiful moments of the course. Guitar player and singer, Corsican dinner (Vegetarian or Vegan)

Early rising Hot drinks, fresh flavoured drinks, dried fruits

7:30-9:30 Yoga practice

9:45 Breakfast

11:00-12:30 Preparation for departure, gifts and goodbyes, airport shuttle

2. Thematic Workshops

In Hinduism, Ganesh is the Lord of new beginnings, the God of wisdom, intelligence, education and prudence. He is the God who removes obstacles, the protector of schools and knowledge workers.

During this Hindu ritual, we invoke the energy of Ganesh who dwells within us and who, like an elephant in the forest, gathers the attributes of strength, discrimination, kindness, wisdom and devotion.

Ganesh, with his elephant head and human body, symbolically transcends the material world and directly addresses our spiritual nature.

* Please wear clean and festive clothes and bring fresh fruits, nuts or flowers; we shall offer them to Ganesh during this ritual.

We will start this workshop chanting of the mantra "Ganesha bija" followed by a discussion on Yoga Therapy and the presentation of different types of breathing techniques.

Then we shall approach the practice, adopting some Therapeutic Yoga postures, and following simple and effective breathing techniques proven to calm the nervous system down and prepare the body and mind for meditation.

During this workshop, we will approach a particular breathing practice called "Resonance Breathing", or "cardiac coherence":

In our body, resonance occurs when our heart rate (cardiac variability), blood pressure, and brain waves echo each other in a coherent pattern of signalling (hence resonance).

When we are in "cardiac resonance", amazing changes occur in our bodies: our emotional and physiological resilience increases, inflammation is reduced, cardiovascular health improves, stress is reduced, sleep improves, and the nervous system in general becomes more and more well balanced.

This workshop will allow you to experiment -or practice, for the initiated- resonance breathing to feel the “heart-brainwave” coherence.

After this workshop, you will feel the harmony between your body and mind, and you will be completely calm and relaxed, in a general feeling of peace, well-being and unity.

« One Simple Thing : A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life”.
Exchanges with the author & signing session.

Yoga is reputed to improve our physical and mental health, to help us become more productive at work, more caring in our relationships, and a more responsible contributor to society and to all the inhabitants of our planet. If Yoga can accomplish all of this - as most Yoga practitioners attest - how exactly does it happen?

In this lecture, Eddie Stern will discuss the Four Paths of Yoga which represent the four fundamental ways in which we interact with the world:

The Yoga of selfless action and service (Karma Yoga), the Yoga of devotion (Bhakti Yoga), the Yoga of knowledge, will and intellect (Jñāna Yoga), and the Yoga of mediation (Rāja Yoga).

Yoga is fundamentally the practice of being aware of who we deeply are.

The access we have to this inner knowledge and awareness is often confused because our mind is itself troubled by a restless flow of thoughts, desires, confusion, conflicts and regrets.

Yoga provides remedies for all these mental 'disturbances', acting through the Four Paths of Yoga (Sivananda Yoga).

There will be 3 major parts in this workshop: chanting, pranayama and the lecture.

(excursions, horse riding, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, Fauna & Flora explorations, spectacular sites viewed from the sky, local markets...).

Your participation in our Yoga classes is an opportunity for us to show you, through a wide range of activities, all the treasures of this island of beauty, surely the most beautiful of all the islands in the world.

Therefore, we have selected activities that we know, we practice, and we supervise so that you may, in total safety and with all your senses, commune with Nature.

This natural space is unique, and its richness, authenticity, and diversity are matched only by its charm and beauty.

When you will arrive at the Saparella Reserve, we will take time with each of you to make your choice among all the activities available, in order to provide the best exclusive personalised service.



We have chosen to offer you menus elaborated with seasonal organic products,
mainly from Corsica.

In order to contribute to the non-wasteful use of food, we will ask you to reserve the composition of your menus at the time of booking.

In order to guarantee you the freshness of the dishes which we propose to you, we will ask you,
at the time of your reservation, to make your choice in the proposed menus.

Thus, the producers that we have selected will be able to foresee the right quantity to be taken,
and you will participate yourselves in an active way in the step which is ours: to limit the food waste.

Welcome to our world!

Your Peace of Mind

We are going through a period where peace of mind is everyone’s priority.

In order to meet this need, all our stays are operated with the assistance and professional responsibility of SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES, a key reference for the leaders of the travel market in France.

This association between SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES and LEMON & LOVE YOGA guarantees the thorough management and the security of your trip at all levels.

A personalised telephone service (in French AND English) will be provided at all stages of your reservation. It has been conceived as a concierge service dedicated to our events.

This service provides you, before your final purchase, with all the answers relating to your stay : transport to the place of your training course, the programme and details of the proposed services, and access to all the activities that we propose in addition to the practice of Yoga.

We will also answer all your questions concerning your accommodation, food, medical assistance, cancellation conditions, contractual transparency, the financial security of your payments, and solutions for repatriation if need be.

SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES will issue you with a contract meeting all the rules and regulations of Tourism in France.

All the details relating to your stay such as all guarantees, the obligations binding us, your insurances and a complete summary of your trip will be listed in full transparency.

Our personalised customer service will continue to answer and assist you 7/7 until your arrival here with us.

This level of requirement is for us the key to your serenity and the guarantee of a perfectly successful stay.

Welcome to our world.


For a stay of 6 days and 7 nights at the Saparella Reserve Estate, the service includes:

  • Yoga classes
  • Workshops, thematic evenings and selected activities *
  • Access to the Saparella Reserve Estate by shuttle (shuttle to and from the airport)
  • Accommodation in single-person or twin-bedded tents
  • Breakfast: vegetarian or vegan breakfast buffet only
  • Full board lunches and dinners
  • Unlimited vegan and vegetarian snacks
  • Fresh fruit, and hot and cold flavoured drinks, unlimited
  • Privatization of relaxation areas (beach, jacuzzi, swimming pool, relaxation beds…)
  • Presence of a doctor 24 hours a day

(* = activities included in the package or in extra cost)

At Lemon & Love, we want to personalize your reservation. We have therefore developed a dedicated concierge service: expert advisers who will answer and accompany you to finalize your reservation and respond to all your legitimate expectations.

The stays we propose are full board. Everything is included in the price indicated. After the finalization of your booking, you will receive an invoice containing all the details of the services of your stay. Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal,

Welcome to our world.


During your stay, you can also be accompanied by a person who wishes to live the stay, but does not wish to practice yoga. For this, we have set up a dedicated rate allowing you to live this adventure as a couple.

Our guarantees



Data protection


Ensuring your well-being, your health, your peace of mind and your goods is a priority for us.

Therefore, from the moment you leave your home to join us, all the guarantees subscribed and delivered by our service providers

  • travel, transport, accommodation, teaching staff – assure you peace of mind which, from our point of view, is the minimum of what we owe you.

Because life is also made up of unexpected events, we also offer solutions covering you in the event of a possible cancellation due to personal reasons, and/or exceptional situations (natural, climatic, health disasters, etc.)


Your personal data shall neither be disclosed, nor subject to transfers, rentals or exchanges for the benefit of any third party. In accordance with French law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 on information technology, data processing and personal freedom, you have the right to access and, if necessary, modify, rectify or delete any personal data concerning yourself, through direct online access to your file. You may also contact us:

  • Email contact:
  • Postal address: Lemon and Love Yoga, 23 rue Tronchet 75008 Paris
  • Please be kindly reminded that any person may, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of any personal data concerning him or herself.

Transparency is an essential value at Lemon & Love Yoga. Therefore, everything is included in our prices: Yoga teaching, accommodation, meals, snacks, workshops and theme evenings, and transport to and from Ajaccio international airport. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga we are very committed to our customers’ comfort and satisfaction. When you make your reservation, we will take note of your arrival and departure time from Ajaccio International Airport. A shuttle will be waiting for you at the exit of your flight, to transport you to the place of your stay. Likewise, we will accompany and assist you to the boarding gate of your return flight. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we pursue simplicity. Therefore, all workshops and thematic evenings are planned in advance. When you make your reservation, you will receive the complete planning of your stay. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we want your comfort and safety. Therefore, the specific equipment necessary for the smooth running of the activities we offer will be provided to you on site. Thus, we are assured of the perfect condition of the equipment we lend you. As for outfits and footwear: we leave it to you to wear appropriate clothes and footwear adapted to the type of activity chosen. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we respect our commitments. All Yoga classes, workshops and thematic evenings will be held on the days and times planned. Regarding the outdoor activities, we are dependent on weather conditions. We shall publish an updated weather forecast every day. This way, you will be notified in advance of any possible change. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we keep our word and provide what we said we would. The places of accommodation we selected will not vary. At the time of your reservation, a contract is edited; all services are exhaustively listed in it. Your payment gives rise to the definitive blocking of your accommodation and all related services. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we make safety in general and health in particular, a top priority. During long stays, a doctor is present onsite 24 hours a day. Our course locations are less than 30 minutes away from the emergency service of the Ajaccio Hospital. A defibrillator is available at all our training sites. All public areas are subject to cleaning and disinfection operations several times a day. All the health standards required by the French government concerning the practice of Yoga, and the conditions of private meetings in closed spaces and in the open air, including protective health measures related to COVID-19, are scrupulously respected. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we believe that we are also the result of what we eat. All the meals served are made from fresh, organic, seasonal products, primarily from Corsica and local producers. The menus, snacks and drinks have been elaborated to meet the energy needs of the practitioners. You will have a permanent choice between vegetarian and vegan meals. One of the core values ​​of Yoga is contentment, using just the quantity needed. Therefore, when you make your reservation, we will ask you to choose your lunch and evening meals (starters, main courses and desserts) in order to avoid the food waste that we disapprove of. This will also induce a perfect management of our purchases and will make it possible to take from nature only what is needed. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

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