Learning & Teaching

A conviction, a lifestyle

For years, on my Yoga mat, all around the world, I have had the privilege to follow the teachings of renowned yoga teachers, namely a great Yogi Master, FAEQ BIRIA.

All of them sharing and transmitting their Art, for me to learn, to progress and continue the transmission along this line, passing it on…

I have put in long hours of practice, complemented by a lot of reading, meditation, learning traditional sons, taking anatomy classes, classes on the History of Yoga and Indian Philosophy… I have often seen the sunrise long before my family was up.

Yoga is a lifestyle.


This intimate journey led me to become a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2016. My training lasted three years. I followed courses and practised assiduously in France and in India. Meanwhile, the desire to share, to transmit my experience and to pass on a message became a strong conviction and a lifestyle choice.

For me, there is no “Yogic chapel” : Yoga, as an Art of Living, is universal. Everyone expresses it through their own personality, rhythm and karmas.

I practice and learn both, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga every day, indifferently and with the same pleasure. Quite like a musician, who would play a piece of classical music, then a piece of jazz on his piano. He is still playing the piano, but with different techniques, for a different ambiance, yet achieving one result: the pleasure of playing music.

Teaching is not to be improvised: it is a responsibility.

It is also a commitment to be assumed on a daily basis : Students need prepared courses matching their needs, according to their capacities, while the teachers also ensure a necessary progressivity, for their safe advancement.

I plan to pass on to my students everything I know and what I am continuously learning.

I intend to guide them and show them the various ways leading them to practice Yoga seriously.

My role is also to advise them and awaken their curiosity, so that they want to learn more about Yoga and deepen their approach. Thus, with regular practice and theoretical knowledge, they may fully enjoy all the benefits of Yoga.


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