Our yoga events in the Gulf of Ajaccio

A journey around the world of yoga

« Yoga  is a journey which destination becomes the journey »

This is how Antonina Rubina, the founder of Lemon & Love Yoga , perceives this millennial way of life. As a certified Yoga teacher, she dedicates her own existence to this journey, and she proposes to share her experience with you during thematic stays organised in Corsica, for us the most beautiful island in the world.

Essential places

We have selected emblematic places in the Ajaccio region, ideal for the practice of Yoga. Discover these locations where nature, well-being and Yoga  merge to create a timeless experience.

All our partners have made of the rules of respect for the environment a priority in the framework of their development: in terms of purchasing management (proximity), water management, energy management, waste management, management of green spaces, etc.

These factors also add to this unique experience the legitimate feeling of participating actively in the preservation of our natural and human ecosystems.


It was my choice to want to evolve from being a practitioner to become a teacher.
It is my will and my desire to continue to train on a daily basis.

I want to continue to learn and sharpen my ability to transmit Yoga , trained by the teachers I love, namely Eddie Stern, Patrick Frapeau, Hervé Vanlierde, Alexandre Onffroy, Krista Cahill

So, quite naturally, I wanted them to be part of this Lemon & Love Yoga  Retreat adventure. I asked them if they would like to come and teach during the exclusive Yoga courses I am designing for you.
This is a way for me to share with you my experience as a student who has blossomed through the richness of their Art, their knowledge and personality.

The contents of the courses delivered during our stays are cautiously prepared in advance, according to the expectations of each participant
(you will provide us with this information at the time of your booking).

This is how we keep our promise and ensure consistency in the quality, the teaching format and the transmission of the founding values of Lemon & Love Yoga : The permanent aspiration for wellbeing and personal fulfilment where Yoga is taught with respect, discipline, benevolence and happiness.

More than a stay : your stay

During your stay you will have access to a series of selected and qualified activities, to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Your Peace of Mind

We are going through a period where peace of mind is everyone’s priority.

In order to meet this need, all our stays are operated with the assistance and professional responsibility of SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES, a key reference for the leaders of the travel market in France.

This association between SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES and LEMON & LOVE YOGA guarantees the thorough management and the security of your trip at all levels.

A personalised telephone service (in French AND English) will be provided at all stages of your reservation. It has been conceived as a concierge service dedicated to our events.

This service provides you, before your final purchase, with all the answers relating to your stay : transport to the place of your training course, the programme and details of the proposed services, and access to all the activities that we propose in addition to the practice of Yoga.

We will also answer all your questions concerning your accommodation, food, medical assistance, cancellation conditions, contractual transparency, the financial security of your payments, and solutions for repatriation if need be.

SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES will issue you with a contract meeting all the rules and regulations of Tourism in France.

All the details relating to your stay such as all guarantees, the obligations binding us, your insurances and a complete summary of your trip will be listed in full transparency.

Our personalised customer service will continue to answer and assist you 7/7 until your arrival here with us.

This level of requirement is for us the key to your serenity and the guarantee of a perfectly successful stay.

Welcome to our world.

With the support of


We are a team of professionals from the world of Yoga, the world of tourism, the world of event organization, the world of a shared humanity.



is, with all one's heart, wanting the happiness of others.


is 99% work for sure, 1% talent without any certainty.
le respect


is the understanding and the acquiescence of all the differences.


is making of routine the most beautiful of all habits.


is saying what you do and doing what you say.


is being able to show everything, to hear everything.


is knowing that what we are is the result of what we receive from others.

Our guarantees



Data protection


Ensuring your well-being, your health, your peace of mind and your goods is a priority for us.

Therefore, from the moment you leave your home to join us, all the guarantees subscribed and delivered by our service providers

  • travel, transport, accommodation, teaching staff – assure you peace of mind which, from our point of view, is the minimum of what we owe you.

Because life is also made up of unexpected events, we also offer solutions covering you in the event of a possible cancellation due to personal reasons, and/or exceptional situations (natural, climatic, health disasters, etc.)


Your personal data shall neither be disclosed, nor subject to transfers, rentals or exchanges for the benefit of any third party. In accordance with French law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 on information technology, data processing and personal freedom, you have the right to access and, if necessary, modify, rectify or delete any personal data concerning yourself, through direct online access to your file. You may also contact us:

  • Email contact: nina@lemonandloveyoga.com
  • Postal address: Lemon and Love Yoga, 23 rue Tronchet 75008 Paris
  • Please be kindly reminded that any person may, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of any personal data concerning him or herself.

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