It was Antonina Rubina’s choice to evolve from being a practitioner to become a teacher.
It is her will and desire to continue to train on a daily basis.

To continue to learn and sharpen her ability to transmit Yoga  is the purpose she pursues, trained by the teachers she loves, namely Eddie Stern, Patrick Frapeau, Hervé Vanlierde, Alexandre Onffroy, Krista Cahill…

So, quite naturally, she asked them to take part and teach the courses designed for you.

This is a way for her to share her experience as a student who has blossomed through the richness of their Art, their knowledge and personality.

The contents of the courses delivered during our stays are cautiously prepared in advance, according to the expectations of each participant (you will provide us with this information at the time of your booking).

This is how we keep our promise and ensure consistency in the quality, the teaching format and the transmission of the founding values of Lemon & Love Yoga : The permanent aspiration for wellbeing and personal fulfilment
where Yoga is taught with respect, discipline, benevolence and happiness.

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