Lemon & Love is a company under French law with its registered office in Paris, France.

It was founded in 2018 by Antonina Rubina.

The founder of Lemon & Love Yoga is supported by a team of certified, experienced and renowned professionals for the realisation of a unique project, inviting people to practice Yoga in the heart of nature and so, with the values of Yoga, discover or rediscover Corsica and its many treasures.

The Lemon & Love Yoga team ensures quality services, compliance with requirements, and the successful fulfilment of all commitments made.

Yoga is a discipline of life; Lemon & Love Yoga makes of this sense of discipline and the fulfilment of commitments a golden rule.

Such conscientiousness and reliability have earned Lemon & Love Yoga official recognition from the Corsican Tourist Agency and the Tourist Office of the Ajaccio region.

Corsica has been a land of inspiration for centuries, for all artists, great men of history, travellers, dreamers, nature lovers, sportsmen… and any soul in search of authenticity.

Corsica is an island which history, culture, legends, heritages, singularities and agropastoral wealth never seem to be completely known.

Corsica is a rock, like a jewel protected by its people in the middle of the Mediterranean, displaying a biotope of such quality that it serves as an example, despite the observed degradation of the sea.

Corsica is the land we have chosen to build our project. Our aim is to blend in with the island standards of those who have chosen excellence in all areas to promote their activity.

Corsica is in the heart of each of us: the entire Lemon & Love Yoga team feels it intimately.

We all live here – some of us were even born here – and we know it well.

We have explored every part of it in many a way: on foot, by bike, on horseback, by boat, by drone, by parachute, when scuba diving… and we rediscover it every day.

From Monte Cinto to the village of Sant’ Antonino, from Piana to Aiguilles de Bavella, from Filitosa to the cliffs of Bonifacio, from the Cape to the horizon of Sardinia, from the eastern plain to the Gulf of Ajaccio… this land gathers many a beauty from the 5 continents we have visited, reminding us of the most remote places… appearing at the bend of a road like mirages on this mountain rising from the water.

Today, everywhere in the world, the practice of Yoga is undergoing a major development. In the Mediterranean, countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Morocco have already made this activity a recurring part of their tourist offer. Our objective is to make Corsica a selective, high-quality alternative to these destinations.

We believe Corsica is the ideal place for practicing Yoga in the wild nature, with spectacular surroundings.


All the members of the Lemon & Love Yoga team are certified professionals. We are all experts in our field: Yoga , Ayurveda, Hospitality, Tourism and Travel, Sporting events, Communication and the Arts world.

We wanted this multidisciplinarity. It was made possible after several years of work, training, traveling around the world, and establishing solid relationships with each member of our team.

We all found our balance, pursuing our personal development while committed to give the best of ourselves with one objective: your happiness.

Words are not enough. We are fully aware of the anxiety-provoking climate that prevails everywhere today. This is why all of our commitments are contractual, backed by insurance policies covering you in the event of a problem before your departure and during your stay.

We have methodically marked out your route, from the moment you put your trust in us by booking your stay, until the moment you return home. Everything is recorded in our procedures manual specially created for this purpose.

A Lemon & Love Yoga Stay is a contract under French law setting the rules, the obligations of means and results to which we adhere. There will be no surprises: the service-related details are clearly notified before any commitment and payment from your side.

A pre-registration form will be sent to you before finalizing your booking, to get to know you better, in order for us to assess your level of practice, taking into account your medical history, and your eating habits. Thus, we will be able to define together the exact framework of the service that we shall deliver.

Such is the state of mind of transparency and benevolence that drives us on a daily basis. We can welcome you serenely, offering unique, exclusive and personalised stays, perfectly balanced between the practice of Yoga , appropriate food, rest, well-being, discovering Corsica… all in shared happiness.

Our team is international: we speak French, English, Russian, and Italian.

All our contractual exchanges will be in French and/or in English.

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