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"You live on a very beautiful island which I have some reason to cherish (...) this separate land, which still prevents itself somewhat from resembling all the others."

Paul Valery
  • We have chosen Corsica to welcome you.
  • Our purpose is to lead you to practice yoga through thematic stays, respectful of and close to nature.
  • The locations we selected are worthy of the greatest yoga destinations known around the world.

One day

Changer son rythme quelques heures pour vivre le bonheur de se retrouver soi-même. La fluidité, le calme, la relaxation, le bonheur, le partage, l’éveil des sens. C’est avec toutes ces promesses que nous avons conçu cette journée.  
This stay will be available in :
10 Septembre 2022
Workshop started from :
Here we offer you a day of immersion in the world of the illustrious BKS Iyengar and its specific teaching, aimed at everyone.
This stay will be available in :
The 30 January 2021
Workshop started from :

Short stays

We wanted to offer you something very special. So quite naturally, with the support of the Management Team of the Palm Beach Hotel**** we imagined this new, personalised and exclusive experience, open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.
This stay will be available in :
From 22 to 26 September 2021
Workshop started from :
Time to live is our most precious asset, it is also that which we sometimes tend to neglect, caught up in our daily lives and the management of our professional and personal emergencies… It was to respond to this need for a saving break, a moment for yourself, an opportunity to recharge your batteries, that we designed and worked on this journey, where time would pass at a different pace…
This stay will be available in :
From 6 au 10 October 2021.
Workshop started from :


Eddie has been travelling all over the world for many years to pass on his knowledge and vision of Yoga practice during dedicated workshops. For the first time, he will be teaching in Corsica, during our special Autumn long stays.
This stay will be available in :
From 02 to 08 october 2022
Workshop started from :
Patrick Frapeau is a great Master of Ashtanga Yoga. He is known for his pedagogy, in his way of sharing the techniques as well as the wisdom of Yoga. During your stay, he will offer you an immersion in the Mysore Style, the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga, as it has been practiced since its origin in Southern India, in Mysore.
This stay will be available in :
From 08 May to 14 May 2022
Workshop started from :


We are a team of professionals from the world of Yoga, the world of tourism, the world of event organization, the world of a shared humanity.



is, with all one's heart, wanting the happiness of others.


is 99% work for sure, 1% talent without any certainty.
le respect


is the understanding and the acquiescence of all the differences.


is making of routine the most beautiful of all habits.


is saying what you do and doing what you say.


is being able to show everything, to hear everything.


is knowing that what we are is the result of what we receive from others.

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