Workshop started from:

The choice of this establishment is obvious to us: Antonina works there as a Yoga teacher and gives private and group lessons throughout the year.

This place is inhabited by Yoga and its values. The management provides the means for practitioners to exercise in the best conditions, in fully dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Hotel Dolce Vita**** lies in a very exceptional geographical location and offers top-quality infrastructures.
Indeed, this establishment is part of the very closed circle “of the great Corsican mansions“.

This, for us, is the assurance that you will rest, enjoy an unparalleled food quality and diversity, and experience a safe and unforgettable moment, subtly mixing Yoga with Corsica.

This stay will be available in : From 6 au 10 October 2021.


Time to live is our most precious asset, it is also that which we sometimes tend to neglect, caught up in our daily lives and the management of our professional and personal emergencies …

It was to respond to this need for a saving break, a moment for yourself, an opportunity to recharge your batteries, that we designed and worked on this journey, where time would pass at a different pace …

During the few days we’ll spend together, I shall share with you my vision of yoga, influenced by my masters, Faeq Biria and Eddie Stern, and other emeritus teachers like Patrick Frapeau and Hervé Vanlierde, who taught me so much.

During your stay, you will also attend a captivating conference on Ayurvedic medicine, presented by Michèle Iborra, an experienced therapist, expert in this ancient medicine, the twin science of yoga.

Our morning practice (duration : 2h30) will consist of prepared courses based on a combination of the styles I teach throughout the year: Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar Yoga will be included in the program.

I shall adapt to the general level of the group making sure everyone feels good and has the best time.

As you know, yoga is not limited to Asanas; therefore this course will also be punctuated by specific workshops where we shall take time to further explore some notions relating to anatomy, concentration, recovery, nutrition, philosophy …

Course starting from


The Dolce Vita in Ajaccio opens its doors to you for an exclusive Yoga stay.

Enjoy the facilities of this beautiful location, appropriate vegetarian and vegan meals, as well as a range of activities to soak up and relish Corsica.



18:45 : ARRIVAL

19:00: Meeting the group. Presentation of the course by the Lemon & Love Yoga Team. Questionnaire update.

20:00: Dinner

Early rising: Hot drinks, fresh flavoured drinks, dried fruits

7:30-10:00: Yoga practice: Ashtanga Method.
First series guided by the teacher

10:15: Breakfast

11:00-12:30: Discovery workshop (nutrition, Corsican Fauna & Flora)

13:30: Lunch

Day 3: 16:30 - 19:00: theme workshops

    • Study of the 1st part of the sitting postures of the 1st series of Ashtanga Yoga
    • Study of the 2nd part of the sitting postures of the 1st series of Ashtanga Yoga
    • Study of the finishing sequence, the finishing poses of Ashtanga Yoga 

Day 2 : 16:30 - 19:00: Outdoor discovery activity: Hiking

20:00: Dinner

Day 1 & 2: 21:30 - 22:30: Thematic evening around herbal teas and infusions
(Singing, Readings, Philosophy, History)

Day 3: 21:30 - 22:30: Thematic evening : The sky of Corsica

7:30 - 10:00: Ashtanga Yoga : 1st series, guided

10:15: Breakfast

11:00 - 12:30: Course debriefing, personalised advice.
Distribution of small gifts & souvenirs of your stay

13:00: Time to say goodbye.
After leaving your rooms and before catching your plane back, you may enjoy the facilities of the Hotel Dolce Vita.
Of course, we shall take care of your transfer to the airport.



There are 6 series of postures, including 50 postures in all.
The 6 sequences are progressive, from the simplest to the most complex.
They are always identical and performed in the same order.
Each posture is linked to another by a transition during which
each movement is synchronized by a breath (Vinyasa).


Breathing is the core of the Ashtanga Yoga practice.
Ujjayî” is a breathing technique which purpose is to synchronize
the postures by inhalations and exhalations, through the nose only.
The contraction of the throat controls the air in and out,
in order to obtain an equal duration for inhalation and exhalation.
The practice of “Ujjayî” produces a sound similar to the buzz of a bee.


According to Indian wisdom, the eyes are the doors of the mind.
If they are fixed, the mind remains fixed, which favours the concentration
to perform the Asanas properly.
Eye exercises, specific to Ashtanga Yoga, called “drishti”,
consist of determining points for the eyes to focus on (usually a part of the body)
to bring the mind to calm down and to channel vital energy.
The correct application of dristhi leads the body to be well aligned in each position.



Duration: 3 hours
Level: Easy

We have the possibility to start our itinerary from various places: from the site of Parata, the “Bois des Anglais”, the fountain of the Salario, or even from the Hotel Dolce Vita. Therefore, depending on the choice of our starting point, we can adapt our hike in terms of  duration and in terms of difficulty.

Starting from the hotel, it is possible to follow the narrow trail of the Sentier des crêtes up to the Parata peninsula, visit the Genoese tower and then head towards the beach of Capo di Feno walking along the Sentier des Douaniers. From the beach, it is possible to walk back after a short sporting ascent of the Canareccia pass, before going down to the Terre Sacrée beach.

Don’t forget to bring a backpack, a swimming costume and a towel.

Stunning starry sky on a cloudless winter night

The sky of Corsica, and more precisely, the sky over the Gulf of Ajaccio, is devoid of any light pollution. It is an exceptional opportunity for you to observe the celestial vault from the Scientific Observatory of Vignola, perched on this land of mysteries, emerging from the Mediterranean.

In the framework of our Lemon & Love Yoga stays designed around the practice of Yoga, full-consciousness and the awareness of our environment, we offer you a new experience, which will add a new dimension to your trip, to the walks in nature, the water sports and the observation of the seabed.

Astronomy enthusiasts are happy to come and meet you on the very site of your stay, and propose fascinating activities related to the exploration of the sky: 

Here is a chance to discover the celestial vault, to identify the most beautiful stars and constellations, to observe them with a telescope, to learn how to read the sky map, to hear mythological tales, or even to attend a conference on astronomy...

The members of the “Club des Amateurs d'Astronomie” will come to meet you at the place of your stay and show you the sky as you have never seen it before.

They will refer to mythology and tell you the story of the stars that you will observe through the telescope, guided by initiated astronomers. We shall bring over a 200 mm telescope especially for you, to offer you an unforgettable moment, as a small window to infinity.


We have chosen to offer you menus elaborated with seasonal organic products, mainly from Corsica.

In order to contribute to the non-wasteful use of food, we will ask you to reserve the composition of your menus at the time of booking.

In order to guarantee you the freshness of the dishes which we propose to you, we will ask you, at the time of your reservation, to make your choice in the proposed menus.

Thus, the producers that we have selected will be able to foresee the right quantity to be taken, and you will participate yourselves in an active way in the step which is ours: to limit the food waste.

Welcome to our world!

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your professors

To lead this course at the Dolce Vita Hotel**** Antonina Rubina will be your main teacher.

But we also wish to share her experience as a student, as part of her continuous training, with you.

So, Antonina will invite one of her teachers, with whom she has been working for years, to spend a day and an evening with us and to bring a light, an experience and skills to complement her own.

This is a way for us to share with you our passion for Iyengar Yoga, welcoming you into our daily life, opening up our network of men and women whom we love, we respect and with whom we share the same values of rigour, commitment, respect and benevolence.


Your participation in our Yoga classes is an opportunity for us to show you, through a range of activities, all the treasures of this island of beauty, surely the most beautiful of all the islands in the world.

Therefore, we have selected activities that we know, we practice, and we supervise so that you may, in total safety and using all your senses, commune with Nature. This natural space is unique, and its richness, authenticity, and diversity are matched only by its charm and beauty.

Your Peace of Mind

We are going through a period where peace of mind is everyone’s priority.

In order to meet this need, all our stays are operated with the assistance and professional responsibility of SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES, a key reference for the leaders of the travel market in France.

This association between SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES and LEMON & LOVE YOGA guarantees the thorough management and the security of your trip at all levels.

A personalised telephone service (in French AND English) will be provided at all stages of your reservation. It has been conceived as a concierge service dedicated to our events.

This service provides you, before your final purchase, with all the answers relating to your stay : transport to the place of your training course, the programme and details of the proposed services, and access to all the activities that we propose in addition to the practice of Yoga.

We will also answer all your questions concerning your accommodation, food, medical assistance, cancellation conditions, contractual transparency, the financial security of your payments, and solutions for repatriation if need be.

SELECTOUR BLEU VOYAGES will issue you with a contract meeting all the rules and regulations of Tourism in France.

All the details relating to your stay such as all guarantees, the obligations binding us, your insurances and a complete summary of your trip will be listed in full transparency.

Our personalised customer service will continue to answer and assist you 7/7 until your arrival here with us.

This level of requirement is for us the key to your serenity and the guarantee of a perfectly successful stay.

Welcome to our world.


Your 5-day and 4-night yoga stay, will take place at the Hotel Dolce Vita****.

The Hotel Restaurant Dolce Vita**** is a 4-star hotel belonging to « Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses », in other words, it matches the high expectations of the Great Corsican Mansions.

Located on the famous Sanguinaires Islands road, between fine sandy beaches and charming little creeks, it offers spectacular views of the preserved archipelago and the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Its relaxation areas are in harmony with the Mediterranean. Its gardens are teeming with life and colours. The swimming pool suspended above the sea is also a promise of unforgettable moments.

With its gourmet restaurant, it attracts a selective clientele, who knows how to combine elegance and relaxation, art of living and relaxation.

For a stay of 2 days and 3 nights at the Dolce Vita Hotel****, full service includes

  • Yoga classes
  • Workshops, thematic evenings *
  • Accommodation in a single or double room
  • Access to the Hotel Dolce Vita**** by shuttle (shuttle to and from the airport)
  • Breakfast: vegetarian or vegan breakfast buffet only
  • Lunches and dinners (2 meals a day at the restaurant Dolce Vita****, excl. drinks)
  • 2 bottles of water per day (1 L.)
  • 1 plate of fresh fruit per day
  • 1 plate of dried fruits per day
  • 1 vegan or vegetarian snack per day

(* = activities included in the package or in extra cost)

At Lemon & Love, we want to personalize your reservation. We have therefore developed a dedicated concierge service: expert advisers who will answer and accompany you to finalize your reservation and respond to all your legitimate expectations.

The stays we propose are full board. Everything is included in the price indicated. After the finalization of your booking, you will receive an invoice containing all the details of the services of your stay. Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal,

Welcome to our world.

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Our guarantees



Data protection


Ensuring your well-being, your health, your peace of mind and your goods is a priority for us.

Therefore, from the moment you leave your home to join us, all the guarantees subscribed and delivered by our service providers

  • travel, transport, accommodation, teaching staff – assure you peace of mind which, from our point of view, is the minimum of what we owe you.

Because life is also made up of unexpected events, we also offer solutions covering you in the event of a possible cancellation due to personal reasons, and/or exceptional situations (natural, climatic, health disasters, etc.)


Your personal data shall neither be disclosed, nor subject to transfers, rentals or exchanges for the benefit of any third party. In accordance with French law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 on information technology, data processing and personal freedom, you have the right to access and, if necessary, modify, rectify or delete any personal data concerning yourself, through direct online access to your file. You may also contact us:

  • Email contact:
  • Postal address: Lemon and Love Yoga, 23 rue Tronchet 75008 Paris
  • Please be kindly reminded that any person may, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of any personal data concerning him or herself.

Transparency is an essential value at Lemon & Love Yoga. Therefore, everything is included in our prices: Yoga teaching, accommodation, meals, snacks, workshops and theme evenings, and transport to and from Ajaccio international airport. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga we are very committed to our customers’ comfort and satisfaction. When you make your reservation, we will take note of your arrival and departure time from Ajaccio International Airport. A shuttle will be waiting for you at the exit of your flight, to transport you to the place of your stay. Likewise, we will accompany and assist you to the boarding gate of your return flight. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we pursue simplicity. Therefore, all workshops and thematic evenings are planned in advance. When you make your reservation, you will receive the complete planning of your stay. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we want your comfort and safety. Therefore, the specific equipment necessary for the smooth running of the activities we offer will be provided to you on site. Thus, we are assured of the perfect condition of the equipment we lend you. As for outfits and footwear: we leave it to you to wear appropriate clothes and footwear adapted to the type of activity chosen. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we respect our commitments. All Yoga classes, workshops and thematic evenings will be held on the days and times planned. Regarding the outdoor activities, we are dependent on weather conditions. We shall publish an updated weather forecast every day. This way, you will be notified in advance of any possible change. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we keep our word and provide what we said we would. The places of accommodation we selected will not vary. At the time of your reservation, a contract is edited; all services are exhaustively listed in it. Your payment gives rise to the definitive blocking of your accommodation and all related services. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we make safety in general and health in particular, a top priority. During long stays, a doctor is present onsite 24 hours a day. Our course locations are less than 30 minutes away from the emergency service of the Ajaccio Hospital. A defibrillator is available at all our training sites. All public areas are subject to cleaning and disinfection operations several times a day. All the health standards required by the French government concerning the practice of Yoga, and the conditions of private meetings in closed spaces and in the open air, including protective health measures related to COVID-19, are scrupulously respected. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

At Lemon & Love Yoga, we believe that we are also the result of what we eat. All the meals served are made from fresh, organic, seasonal products, primarily from Corsica and local producers. The menus, snacks and drinks have been elaborated to meet the energy needs of the practitioners. You will have a permanent choice between vegetarian and vegan meals. One of the core values ​​of Yoga is contentment, using just the quantity needed. Therefore, when you make your reservation, we will ask you to choose your lunch and evening meals (starters, main courses and desserts) in order to avoid the food waste that we disapprove of. This will also induce a perfect management of our purchases and will make it possible to take from nature only what is needed. Do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal by email:, or by phone : +33 6 48 59 14 40. Welcome to our world.

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Faites votre choix dans les 3 menus suivants afin de personnaliser, vos déjeuners, vos diners selon vos envies. Lors de votre réservation nous validerons avec vous ces choix, ainsi vous participerez directement au non-gaspillage alimentaire

Tous les plats sont élaborés à partir de produits bio de saison.

Menu 1


La Salade de haricots verts : mâche, suprêmes de pamplemousses, graines de courges, brucciu émietté.


Le Houmous de betterave : purée d’amande, toasts complets.


L’Anneli : pesto de choux kale, poireaux confits, parmesan et amandes grillées.


L’Orge : tombée d’épinard, morilles, topinambours caramélisés et sauce crémeuse au thé fumé,


Le Fiadone : fiadone au Brocciu, granité aux agrumes et à la népita.


L’Ananas : rôti, crumble épicé, crème d’amandes montée vanillée

Menu 2


La Betterave : Boulgour rose à la betterave, tome Corse émiettée, confit d’échalotes, noix torréfiées.  


Les Wings de choux fleur : sauce au yaourt de soja et à la ciboulette fraiche.


La Tarte rustique :  farine de petit épeautre, échalotes et épinards.


La Polenta : lait d’avoine, poudre d’amande, jus de champignons, et poêlée de champignons persillée.


Le citron : Crémeux citron, meringue, crème montée coco, glace au yaourt aux éclats de citron confit.


L’Avocat : comme un guacamole sucré, brunoise d’ananas, croustillant chocolat

Menu 3


Les Radis : en robe de fromage frais, aux herbes, aux graines, aux noix, petits pains toastés.


Le Velouté de carottes : orange, espuma de graines de coriandre.


Risotto de céleri rave aux champignons, crème de parmesan truffée, poivre blanc, noisettes torréfiées.


Le Riz sauté : lentilles corail, tofu et carottes grillés, sauce pimentée au sésame.


La Poire : quartiers de poires fraiches, amandes, éclats de meringue, crème légère vanillée.


Le Banana bread : gâteau à la banane, pâte à tartiner Maison à la noisette de Cervione (IGP).


Make your choice from the 3 following menus to personalise your lunches and dinners according to your wishes. At the time of your reservation we will validate these choices with you, so you will participate directly in the non-wasteful food.

All our dishes are made from fresh, organic, local and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Menu 1


The Green Bean Salad: lamb's lettuce, grapefruit supremes, squash seeds, crumbled brocciu cheese


Beet hummus: almond purée, whole grain toasts


The Anneli: Curly kale pesto, candied leeks, parmesan cheese and grilled almonds


Barley: spinach drop, morel mushrooms, caramelised Jerusalem artichokes and creamy smoked tea sauce


The Fiadone: Fiadone cake with Brocciu, citrus fruit and nepita granita


Pineapple: roasted, with a spicy crumble, vanilla whipped almond cream

Menu 2


The Beetroot: Pink bulgur with beetroot, crumbled Corsican tome cheese, candied shallots, roasted walnuts


Cauliflower wings: soy yoghurt sauce with fresh chives


The rustic tart: spelt flour, shallots and spinach


The Polenta: oat milk, almond powder, mushroom juice and pan-fried parsleyed mushrooms


The lemon: creamy lemon, meringue, coconut whipped cream, yoghurt ice cream with candied lemon bits


Avocado: like a sweet guacamole, pineapple brunoise, chocolate crunch

Menu 3


Radishes: in a dress of fresh cheese with herbs, seeds & nuts, toasted rolls


The Soup: Carrot cream, orange, coriander seeds froth


The risotto: celery root with mushrooms, truffled parmesan cream, white pepper, roasted hazelnuts


Sautéed rice: coral lentils, tofu & grilled carrots, spicy sesame sauce


The Pear: fresh pear quarters, almonds, meringue chips, light vanilla cream


Banana bread: banana cake, (PGI) Cervione hazelnut homemade spread